Real Estate Kick-off Meeting

I want to start off by thanking everyone who came out to the real estate kick-off meeting for 2018 earlier this month. We had a great showing of investors of all experience levels. I want to especially thank Gary Massari for leading the presentation and providing us all a plethora of valuable and inspirational information. For those who missed the meeting, you can view our video recording below.

Summary points from the presentation:

  • Real estate is the millennial generation’s best hope at retirement.
  • Building a team is critical to real estate success.
  • Buying real estate in a city like Baltimore requiring renovation cost knowledge.
  • No money down programs are scams.
  • Always use leverage when buying rental properties.
  • Baltimore real estate valuations vary wildly from block to block.
  • Find a mentor to bounce ideas off of.
  • Have fun!