Grace Lopez

Our Founder, Grace Lopez

Our Founder, Grace LopezI started flipping houses well before it became popular or the focus of so many HGTV shows, which goes to show that I know a lot about this process. Over the 20 years I have been involved in flipping homes, I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade, including how to look at the available inventory and determine which property has the best potential profit margin, along with everything there is to know about acquiring and financing the property, rehabbing, insuring, and of course, selling.

Recently, I decided it was time to try something different, though I knew that I wanted to remain in the real estate industry because that is what I know best. I considered becoming a real estate agent, but there are already plenty of them to choose from. After thinking it over, it dawned on me. My knowledge would be best put to use as a real estate appraiser.

Becoming a licensed real estate appraiser wasn’t nearly as quick and easy as I thought it would be, but I have never been someone who backed away from a challenge. It required taking multiple courses, working as an apprentice/ trainee, and completing 2,000 hours of on the job training in the period of a single year. I also had to take the Appraisal Qualifications Board (AQB)-approved Licensed Residential Real Estate Property Appraiser exam, which I passed with flying colors.

Now, I’m proud to be a Licensed Residential Appraiser, who is more than ready to appraise any type of residential property you give me.